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The Story of the Classic Windermere Launch Shamrock and Her Times
by Victor Middleton

Shamrock is a classic Windermere Saloon Launch, built by Shepherds of Bowness in 1906, and she has been on Windermere ever since.

Initially, she was a 'Gentleman's Launch' - the equivalent of a Rolls Royce. Later she became a trip boat, but this became uneconomic in the 1960s.

After a period layed-up, she was acquired by Roger Mallinson and restored, with a new boiler and steam engine. She now operates regularly, and apart from her sister ship Osprey, recently restored by the Windermere Jetty, she is the only one of her type still operational.

Shamrock is now owned and operated by The Shamrock Trust, but still under the management of Roger Mallinson.

This booklet consists of three major sections: the history of the boat, a profile of Roger Mallinson and a discussion of the development of tourism in the English Lake District, in which Shamrock and her sisters played a major role.

The author, Victor Middleton, was a specialist in tourism studies and a Friend of Shamrock. The book is based on extended interviews with Roger Mallinson, and his own specialist knowledge. Unfortunately, he did not live to see it published.

All proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go to The Shamrock Trust (Charity Number 1136535).

Shamrock May 2018


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